Platform of Polymeric Conjugates
for Selective Intracorporeal Removal
of Specific Harmful Antibodies

RemAb Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company whose main activities and expertise are related, among others, to the identification, characterization and selective removal of specific antibodies (HART-Technology) for offering health solutions in the field of infectious diseases, allergology, autoimmunity, transplantation and transfusion medicine, and modulation of the human immune responses against viral vectors.

Harmful Antibody Removal Technology (HART)

We develop and optimize novel synthetic polymeric conjugates that bind to circulating harmful antibodies. The resulting immunocomplexes are rapidly cleared from circulation, delivering long-lasting therapeutical benefits for the patients.

How does HART work?

Presence of harmful antibodies

Identification of adverse circulating antibodies causing a deleterious immune response

Polymeric conjugate administration

RemAb develops injectable polymeric conjugates that bind to specific adverse antibodies

Polymeric conjugate antibody complex

Immunocomplexes are quickly metabolized and excreted

Clearance of Immunocomplexes

Rapid and safe clearance of immunocomplexes translates into immediate clinical benefits for the patients

We develop a novel platform of polymeric conjugates for the intracorporeal removal of specific harmful antibodies in different contexts.

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