RA01 is novel drug product and a first line therapy for preventing nosocomial infections at ICUs.

Our approach allows an immediate protection to patients admitted to ICU without generating AMR.




Technology advantages

  • Novel mechanism of action and target: temporary intracorporeal inhibition and specific removal of inhibitory anti-αGal antibodies.
  • Immediate protection to patients admitted to ICU.
  • High efficacy against high priority MDR Gram-negative bacteria (E. coli, P. aeruginosa, K. pneumoniae).
  • Lack of toxicity and side effects in rodents and primates (90 days follow up, in-house studies).
  • Dosage and route of administration already defined.
  • No generation of antimicrobial resistance. RA-01 is a drug of indirect activity against pathogens.
  • The synthetic process already defined: Low risk and costs for validating and scaling up the production.



Main advantages of RA01 versus other solutions


 PreventiveTherapeuticCostEfficacy at ICUMain drawbacks
RA01 (RemAb)

Generic antibiotics

MediumAntimicrobial resistance (AMR)
Novel antibiotics

€€€€HighAntimicrobial resistance
Poor availability

€€€€LowRestricted to specific bacterial species
Extracorporeal removal of circulating antibodies

€€€€MediumTechnically sophisticated
Requires specialized personnel
Needs immunosuppression therapy

€€€Very lowNeeds 2 weeks to generate protection: too late for patients admitted to ICU